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Kindergarten Kids having fun during a Summer Camp in Washington DC

Fun Summer Camps in and Around Washington, DC

Summer camps offer the perfect opportunity for kids to enjoy fun experiences, make interesting discoveries, and meet new friends. Whether your kids are into art, music, history, technology, outdoor activities, or something else, there’s a wid...

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Have You Kept up with the Latest Luxury Home Trends?

We’ve found ourselves reflecting back on 2019 and the trends that we saw emerge in luxury homes. To say that 2019 was a year for experimentation would be an understatement — while many trends from earlier years are still around, there are d...

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Bethesda Map City Straight Pin Vintage

T​he best things to do in Bethesda, MD

Situated right across the Potomac from DC, Bethesda shines just as bright as the capital. And with the following things to do here, you can even argue that sometimes Bethesda outshines other places within the DC metro area. Where to eat: ...

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Adams Morgan Washington D.C. Neighborhood

The fastest growing neighborhoods in Washington, DC

Three neighborhoods to check out in Washington, DC Petworth, Adams Morgan, and Southwest Waterfront/Wharf— Washington, DC is teeming with neighborhoods full of zest. Each community is itching to claim the title as the best in the city. Tak...

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A picture of boats by the commercial dock at the Annapolis Maryland State in Washington, DC.

Best quick weekend getaways from Washington DC

Washington, DC offers an unending list of things to do. But if you're looking for a quick getaway from the capital, you'll find plenty of great options, as well. From historic attractions to outdoor wonders, here are some of the best weeken...

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A cozy traditional home in Washington DC.

What to expect when buying a home in Washington DC

Buying a home in Washington, DC? Be prepared for an exciting experience, but always remember that with a large amount at stake, it’s important to go about the process with your eyes wide open. To help you keep your focus, learn about the t...

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Row houses of Mount Vernon Square in Washington DC, USA

First-time homebuyer programs in Washington D.C

While property prices in Washington D.C. will likely remain high, they’re not out of reach, especially as a first-time buyer eligible for one (or more) of the programs below. The DC city government has long recognized that properties ...

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