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The foolproof way of choosing the right neighborhood

When buying a home, deciding where to live is one of your most critical choices. Choosing the right neighborhood is as significant as finding your dream home. As the saying goes, you can fix and upgrade a house; but can’t change the neighb...

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How long does it really take to buy a home?

To answer this question, know first that various factors come into play in the home-buying process, such as inventory, how competitive the market is, and the buyer’s financial history – among many others.  From the initial home search to c...

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Trending: Condo Interior Design Tips for 2023

Ready for a condo makeover? Plan what interior design would look great for a luxury condo in Washington, D.C., with these up-and-coming trends. Here are some helpful luxury condo interior design ideas to get the makeover started this 2023: P...

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Which type of condo is right for you?

For home buyers, condo units are a great option allowing investors to enjoy the perks of urban community life. Condo units provide great amenities with less upkeep and are generally more affordable than buying a single family house. Condominium...

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Insulate your condo

How to insulate your condo properly

Your luxury condo in D.C. should provide an elevated living experience. However, the quality of a luxury home doesn’t stop at the quality furnishings or the property’s location. It should be adequately insulated against sound, noise, and he...

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Creating an ultra-modern, high-tech home

Ever faster internet speeds and improved technologies have made modern homes more functional, convenient, and tied to our daily lives. A few swipes on a screen or a voice command can control the heat, security levels, lighting, and even what yo...

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Making your home more luxurious with just lighting

Lighting has always been an essential consideration for interior designers and decorators, but it always gets a different amount of attention from homeowners. But when it comes to beautifying luxury home interiors, the proper lighting can vastl...

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The 2022 guide to condo investments in D.C.

Despite the low housing inventory and the soaring demand for single-family homes in the country, people continue investing in the luxury real estate market, including luxury condos. More so in the nation’s capital, where the demand for luxury...

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