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Fun Summer Camps in and Around Washington, DC

Kindergarten Kids having fun during a Summer Camp in Washington DC

Summer camps offer the perfect opportunity for kids to enjoy fun experiences, make interesting discoveries, and meet new friends. Whether your kids are into art, music, history, technology, outdoor activities, or something else, there’s a wide variety of fun summer camps to join in the Washington, DC area

If you’re looking for information on some of the best summer camps in the area, here are some excellent options for you to consider:

Lavner Summer Camps at George Washington University

The award-winning Lavner Summer Camps was established by a team of leaders from prestigious educational institutions such as Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, UCLA Graduate School of Educational Leadership, and more.

Their summer enrichment camps offer terrific opportunities for collaboration, hands-on learning, and fun-filled discoveries for kids and teens from ages 6 to 14. 

The Theatre Lab

Every summer, The Theatre Lab offers high-energy programs designed to engage imaginations and share the passion for live theatre. Participants from grades 1 to 8 will be able to learn basic acting techniques, develop improvisation and comedy skills, harness their creativity, and put everything together in a public performance.

The Theatre Lab summer acting camp is taught by some of the best theatre educators and professionals in Washington, and is a great way for kids to exercise their creativity and experience the joys of storytelling and theatre. 

FitCampNation Summer Camp

FitCampNation Summer Camp is a fun program that focuses on fitness, sports, structured play, and nutritional education. Held at Deal Middle School, the fitness summer camp is led by a team of coaches and professionals who are trained to teach the fundamentals of fitness and exercise using practice-based techniques.  

Family Dinosaur Camp

Experience an unforgettable summer at the Family Dinosaur Camp, which gives families the chance to discover actual dinosaur fossils! The camp will be hosted by a paleontologist who will teach participants the proper way to uncover fossils.

In addition to learning how to look for fossils, families will also enjoy trips to the zoo, bone halls, and dinosaur exhibits. 

Kids & Culture Camp

Organized and run by a team of like-minded homeschool moms, Kids & Culture Camp is a summer cultural enrichment program that encourages kids to embrace culture, enjoy learning, and live mindfully so they can excel as leaders of the next generation.

Now in its tenth year, the summer program is held at the Howard University campus, and is designed for children aged 3 to 12.

Georgetown Day School Summer Camps

Get your child ready for the next school year by enrolling them at Georgetown Day School’s summer camps and classes. Their summer studies catalog offers a variety of programs including a STEM camp, an art camp, creative writing classes, a traditional day camp, and other hands-on learning experiences. 

Summer camps at Georgetown Day School focuses on supporting each student’s non-academic and interpersonal development by giving them the skills and knowledge to become respectful, compassionate, and responsible citizens. To learn more about moving to Washington DC or living in Bethesda MD, feel free to contact us today. Our team is here to help in any way we can.