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Adding Basement Egress

An exterior entrance directly into your basement can simplify every-thing from moving in an extra fridge to upgrading the HVAC system. It’s also required if you finish the basement—enhancing the value and functionality of your home—though...

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Tricks to Lowering Your Water Bill

Running water is necessary for everyday life, but with the rising cost of living, avoiding inflated prices has become a challenge. The average U.S. water bill has risen almost 51% in the past decade, leaving many trying to figure out ways to cu...

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7 Home Items Totally Worth Splurging On

Whether you’re renovating your home or just doing a quick refresh, most of us have to keep a budget in mind these days. And while it’s exciting to find a good bargain, there are some things worth spending the extra money on. Sometimes, you ...

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49ers Star Christian McCaffrey Selling His NC Estate

San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey‘s is hoping the many luxurious amenities at his North Carolina estate will attract a buyer. With a panic room, theater room, an elevator, a wine cellar, and lakefront access, the grand m...

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The Ideal Temperature for Your Winter Thermostat

Winter can be difficult to bear without cranking your thermostat to its max. Setting the temperature higher may leave you feeling warm and toasty, but your utility bills can skyrocket. However, you don’t have to heat yourself out of house and...

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