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7 DIYs You Should Never Do on Your Own

You can't do everything yourself. There’s something very satisfying about a DIY project. Whether it's painting a spare bedroom or hanging wallpaper, doing work yourself is a great way to save cash. However, there are some DIYs even the mos...

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These 5 Design Mistakes Make Your Home Look Smaller

We're all for going big with design—but some choices can visually shrink your space. Let's be honest, "too much space" is a problem most of us don't have. In reality, most of us are just looking to maximize the space we do have and make ou...

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8 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Using Household Item

We’ve all been there. One minute, you’re complaining that Halloween candy is in stores before Labor Day, and the next minute, it’s October 27, and you’re scrambling for a costume. No need to stress — we have your back. If you’re loo...

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10 Clever Ways to Hide a TV in Plain Sight

Wishing for a design focal point other than a jet-black television? We have solutions. While televisions are a feature in many households, it can be challenging to incorporate them in an attractive way. Luckily, today's flat-screens have com...

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The Top 5 Things Buyer are Looking For

What are home buyers looking for now? During the pandemic, we saw the “flight from density” from city living to the suburbs and many people building pools in their backyards. While desired home features and amenities constantly evolve, Forb...

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