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How Long Will That Home Reno Really Take?

Many homeowners have likely imagined the renovations that would transform their homes into the fabulously stylish and seamlessly functional abodes of their vision-board dreams. But for those who have gathered the funds (and the strength) to ...

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Most Popular Homes – from $ to $$$$$

Skeletons, coffins, and spiders, oh my! A “haunted” house that has been scaring people in Baird, TX, has officially creeped out social media, making it this week’s most popular home on®. The home has been operating as a se...

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7 Things to Do and See in MoCo This Spring

Oh Boy - March 8 - April 9 In the intergenerational comedy A Nice Indian Boy, Naveen meets the man of his dreams: a Marathi-speaking Hindu who cooks Indian food and loves Bollywood movies. The only problem is he’s white, raised by adoptive I...

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Home Decor You Should Thrift Instead of Buy New

Don't waste money on a brand new price tag when you can find something secondhand that's better - and cheaper! The first time I had to furnish and decorate an apartment as an adult, I looked around at the empty rooms and immediately became o...

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Home Tech Upgrades That Can Save You Money

Your home is your castle, so you want to make it as comfortable as possible. Integrating technology can provide not only convenience, but also make your home more efficient—which is good for the planet and your wallet. While certain upgrades,...

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How to Organize Kitchen Counters

Keep kitchen countertops clutter-free with these smart, space-saving solutions. As a professional organizer, I've observed kitchen counters become catch-alls for most families, and the clutter never seems to cease. Between tools that you act...

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The foolproof way of choosing the right neighborhood

When buying a home, deciding where to live is one of your most critical choices. Choosing the right neighborhood is as significant as finding your dream home. As the saying goes, you can fix and upgrade a house; but can’t change the neighb...

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Housing Market Predictions for 2023

Skyrocketing interest rates put some much-needed pressure on the housing market after home prices hit record highs across the nation last year. While rates did level off through January, causing some homebuyers to re-enter the market, a recent ...

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