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2024 National Housing Market Outlook

Our nationwide overview of next year's housing market forecasts stable prices, lower mortgage rates, and more homes to choose from as sellers leave the sidelines. Mortgage rates will come down in 2024. Mortgage rates, which reached a more t...

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8 Things You Should Never Say When Buying a Home

If you’re in the throes of house hunting, chances are you’re excited—whether it’s your first home or your fifth. It’s an emotional roller-coaster ride! Seeing something you love (or hate) can often cause you to blurt all kinds of t...

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Are You Loading Your Dishwasher Correctly?

Whenever dirty dishes pile up in the sink, it’s tempting just to throw them in the dishwasher with abandon and hit start. But using a dishwasher isn’t that simple, and you may ruin certain items if you don’t treat them properly. Some mate...

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