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Creating an ultra-modern, high-tech home

Ever faster internet speeds and improved technologies have made modern homes more functional, convenient, and tied to our daily lives. A few swipes on a screen or a voice command can control the heat, security levels, lighting, and even what yo...

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Making your home more luxurious with just lighting

Lighting has always been an essential consideration for interior designers and decorators, but it always gets a different amount of attention from homeowners. But when it comes to beautifying luxury home interiors, the proper lighting can vastl...

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The Top Storage and Organization Trends for 2023

The home organizing industry is ever-evolving, and today there's no shortage of smart products and efficient methods. Homeowners are prioritizing systems that help them save time and money and work with the ebbs and flows of their lifestyles. S...

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3 Overused Holiday Decor Trends

There are two kinds of approaches to decorating for the holidays: Either you start pulling the lights out of storage before summer even turns into fall, or you deck the halls mere days—maybe hours—before Santa Claus arrives. But regardless ...

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The 2022 guide to condo investments in D.C.

Despite the low housing inventory and the soaring demand for single-family homes in the country, people continue investing in the luxury real estate market, including luxury condos. More so in the nation’s capital, where the demand for luxury...

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4 Ways to incorporate luxury designs in your condo

Congratulations on buying a luxury condo! Now, your next big challenge is decorating the interior in a way that does the property justice. After all, great interior design can raise the comfort and value of your new Washington, D.C. luxury cond...

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The best neighborhoods in D.C. for arts and culture

If you enjoy being surrounded by history as much in the arts, then there’s no other place in the country that gives a taste of both in heaping servings than Washington D.C.  Visiting the nation’s capital can only provide a snippet of what ...

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Things That Outdate Your Kitchen!

Is your kitchen decor so outdated it makes you nostalgic for the days of mullets, skinny ties, and acid-washed jeans? Don’t feel bad. It’s easy to get comfortable with what you know and love. Some kitchen trends are timeless, but other d...

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