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What to look for when buying a Bethesda townhome

A view outside townhomes for sale in Bethesda

A townhome is typically a multi-level residence with communal walls. It is like a cross between a single-family property and a condo unit. Like a condo unit, townhouse owners have home maintenance and fewer responsibilities. Moreover, it is easier to lock and leave with fewer worries.

Townhomes are a popular choice among homebuyers who want the feel of a single-family home without all the responsibilities. However, not all townhomes are created equal. When checking out Bethesda townhomes, make sure you consider the following:


When buying a home, location should be your number one priority. You can change almost everything about your property except for the location it is in. Before deciding on the townhome for you and your family, it is best to scope out potential neighborhoods first.

Visit the community at different times of the day so you have a better idea of what the area is like under various conditions. See if your potential neighborhood is close to shopping centers, restaurants, grocery stores, and other places that are important to you.

Amenities and features

Most townhomes offer community amenities that are similar to those found in condominiums. This is another advantage of choosing a townhouse property over a single-family home.

Every community has a different set of amenities depending on the developer. Common features include pools, tennis courts, clubhouses, and the like. When searching for townhomes in Bethesda, it is best to consider your lifestyle and find a community with amenities that fit those needs.


Homeowners in a townhome community typically follow covenants, conditions, and restrictions. Similar to the rules in condo units, these restrictions dictate the number of people who can live in the property, if the homeowners are allowed pets, what you can or cannot do with your townhome’s exterior, and the like.

The covenants, conditions, and restrictions may affect how you live your day-to-day life, so it is best to read these and understand what living in the area is like.

Homeowners’ association (HOA)

Homeowners’ associations are found in townhouse communities everywhere. Residents of townhouse communities with HOAs must pay a fee, as well.

These associations can affect the whole feel and livability of the neighborhood and may affect your lifestyle requirements. Some have restrictions on what you can and cannot do to your property. For example, some HOAs have rules about colors you can use to paint your home or what you can plant in your yard.

If you’re planning on customizing your property to your own design, know that these rules and restrictions can have a huge impact on your plans. Always read the HOA agreement before making the final purchase.

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