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What to do with pets while moving?

How to move with your pets

Much as humans can get stressed when moving from one place to another, one can only imagine how it can be for our furry friends. To make the transition as comfortable as possible, here are a few tips when it comes to moving with pets.

  1. Keep a familiar routine
  2. Once you’ve crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s for your new home, it’s easy to get excited and start packing up the house right away. However, be sure to keep a routine for your pets. Abrupt changes and shifts to the norm can spook pets and might prompt them to run away.

    Consider setting up their things in a room where they can settle until the move, especially when people are coming in and out of the house to load up your belongings.

  3. Inform your vet about the move
  4. If you’re moving out of your city or neighborhood, be sure to check in with your pet’s vet before the move. Ask them if they’re able to refer you to one closer to your new home. Don’t forget to take note of your pet’s patient records so your new vet can be informed about their history.

    If you’re moving with a particular animal, such as fish, birds, or guinea pigs, you can also consult the vet on the best ways to keep them comfortable for travel.

  5. Prepare pets for the road trip
  6. Prior to packing, you can start acclimating your pets to the travel and transition by keeping their crates open and comfortable. You can also take them on short drives with treats to keep them calm. This helps develop a positive association with their crates, avoiding the added stress on moving days.

    Additionally, it may be more comfortable to travel with your pet in your personal vehicle. During the drive, it’s essential to keep them in their kennel or crate and let them out once you arrive in lodging or the new house itself.

  7. Create their safe space
  8. Once you arrive at your new house with your pets, select a space where they can stay for the meantime. Think of it as the inverse of moving out while being extra aware of your pets’ moods after the move.

    Be sure to pet-proof their area and watch out for poisonous plants that may be around for when they do come out. Let them explore at their own pace so they aren’t overwhelmed.

  9. Update your pets’ information
  10. Be sure to update your pet’s tag or microchip details to your new contact information and address. This can be extra helpful in case they’re unsettled in the new house and try to run away, so try not to put it off till later.

Moving with your pets to a new home?

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