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Traits to look for in a real estate agent

It always pays to work with a trained professional who brings with them the knowledge and skills they learned throughout their career. Others may balk at the fees to pay for their services but the price to pay for missteps in the transaction and the resulting stress can be much higher.

When considering the services of real estate agents in Washington D.C. and Maryland for your property purchases or sales, it always pays to work with trained professionals who bring with them the knowledge and skills learned throughout their careers. There are those who go above and beyond for their clients, and these are the pros you want to help you in the buying or selling process. Remember, though, that not all agents meet those criteria. Here are tips on how to spot the best real estate agent to work with:

Proactive from start to finish

You shouldn’t have to run after an agent just to ask for updates regarding your transaction – she or he should be the one to run after you. The really best agent will happily provide you with status updates, explain complicated market data, remind you of schedules for home viewings or virtual tours, give you recommendations for experts in industries related to real estate, e.g., lenders, home inspectors, maintenance and repairs, and more. Communication will play a key part in your working relationship with this agent.

Great reviews from previous clients

One thing that many established agents take pride in is their list of happy previous customers. Some of their clients have become so loyal to them that even succeeding generations of their respective families come to them for assistance in their own real estate needs.

You can try getting in touch with some of these previous clients to find out more about their favorite agent’s approach to buying or selling their property. This will give you an idea of their working style when you become their client.

Strong knowledge of your chosen area

If you’re eager to buy a home in Bethesda, MD, a good Realtor will be able to provide you with information on the best properties in the area based on your budget and lifestyle requirements. This person will know if the home you choose is reasonably priced based on comparative sales of similar homes in the area or if it merits negotiations for a lower price. Moreover, they will also be in the know of future developments that could affect your potential property’s market value.

Meanwhile, if you’re selling your home, your real estate agent will be able to help in selecting the best market price for it based on research of comps and local market conditions.


It helps to have a real estate agent who can easily adapt to changing situations in a real estate transaction. Especially with the recent challenges we are facing with COVID-19, value the agent who can employ an alternative strategy to complete a transaction under these circumstances. You may find any of them turning to the digital world for most parts of the home-buying or home-selling processes to keep safety protocols in check while still effectively working for their clients through settlement.

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