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Top Interior Design Trends For 2022

Ideas on how to use color green

It’s more than safe to say that we’ve all just had one of the most trying and unusual years many of us can remember. 2022 couldn’t come quickly enough, and with the turn of the year comes the opportunity to redecorate. Here’s a look at some of the likely trends that will shape interior design in the coming year.

It seems to be all about being green for house improvements in 2022. Green appears to be the color of 2022 for interior design. Being greener in terms of being more ecologically responsible will also play a large role in interior design for 2022.

The use of the color green

Trends don’t appear from a vacuum but rather are in response to myriad factors and influences. Part of the reason why green seems to be so popular this year is a result of the pandemic. The lockdowns brought a desire to bring the outdoors inside, and what better color to do that than green. However, the greens that are gaining popularity in the home are not bright, garish greens but more subdued and subtle hues and shades. Pastels are the way to go for 2022.

Ideas on how to use color green

Although a popular color for bathrooms, it can be quite a challenge incorporating green into more frequently used rooms, like the living room. The softer tones of a light or pastel green gives you more leeway to paint your living room walls green. Light-colored green walls go particularly well with dark earthy-colored furniture, the combination of the two again evoking an outdoor setting.

If green isn’t your thing as a color for your walls, then placing green decorative pieces, like plants or sofa cushions, can give your room the green touch. When it comes to furniture, you can be bold in your color and go for deeper shades, especially when it comes to sofas and chairs.

Being greener

The desire to be greener continues as the movement becomes more robust and more people become more aware of our ecological responsibilities. Add to this the increasing costs of fuel globally, and all of us are looking at ways to be more ecologically sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

A thrifty way to do this is by recycling or upcycling furniture. Most of the time it is cheaper to go to a store or go online to buy pre-owned furniture. Indeed, there are some great second-hand pieces of furniture to be had at great prices.

With the growing trend of home spaces now being multifunctional, it would not look out of place seeing your office desk in your living room, and a comfy, elegant chair, more often used as a luxury piece, being used as your usual work seat. The bedroom, then, is exclusively for relaxation and rejuvenation, not a work zone.

As we come out of one of the most challenging periods in our collective history, it seems that not only do we want to be closer to what we’ve so missed, but a little more conscious of the natural world we haven’t been able to enjoy too.

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