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These Trending Home Projects for Fall and Winter To Inspire Your Next Renovation

From garage makeovers to spa-like bathroom upgrades, here’s what Thumbtack’s report says homeowners are working on.

As most homeowners know, there’s no real off-season for home projects. There’s always something that needs to be fixed, upgraded, maintained, or improved. However, some seasons lend themselves better to certain projects than others. In the summer, for example, it’s all about preparing the outdoors for hosting and activities, but ahead of the winter, the focus is more on preparing for the cold and cozying up the indoors. To find out what homeowners are prioritizing right now, Thumbtack released a report on the top trending projects homeowners are tackling ahead of winter. From seasonal home maintenance to luxurious renovations, keep reading for more on the biggest home project trends.

Top Trending Home Projects for Fall and Winter

Renovations Over Relocations
Today’s housing market has made the decision to move much more difficult, with mortgage rates rising to the highest they’ve been in over two decades. With that in mind, more homeowners and deciding to stay put and just work with what they’ve got.

“Overall, homeowners are more focused on improving their current home rather than moving, [and the report] results show homeowners are updating the function and style of their homes,” Morgan Olsen, design expert at Thumbtack says. “This is similar to last year’s results but we’re seeing even higher increases and a stronger commitment to making their current home a dream home.”

According to Thumbtack data, construction services are up 114 percent YoY and room remodels are up 38.9 percent YoY, with people prioritizing upgrading kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.

3D Modeling
For a more unexpected result, Thumbtack saw a 188.3 percent increase in 3D modeling. “Thanks to Pinterest and influencers we’re constantly getting fed inspiration for our homes, but it’s hard to imagine how it’d look exactly or maybe you want to change it slightly for your home,” Olsen says. “Getting a rendering of a room remodel is an added cost that will pay off in time and money. Being able to digitally see different colors or materials can help homeowners narrow in on their unique style and save on costly changes if they don’t like the look.”

Garage Makeovers
Another unexpected finding is the 41 percent increase in garage additions or remodels. “A space that’s typically the junk drawer of the home is being prioritized,” Olsen says. According to the Thumbtack report, almost a third (32 percent) of the garage remodels are being driven by a desire to add storage space. This trend, too, can be linked to the current housing market. “The need for more organized storage space is happening in all parts of the home since moving for more space isn’t an option in today’s housing market,” Olsen adds.

Natural Wood in the Kitchen
As an upgrade to the cool-toned minimalism from previous years, Olsen says the current top kitchen renovations reflect the style shift from all-white kitchens to the warmer, natural Japandi style (a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design.

“With cabinet installations up 35.9 percent YoY, homeowners aren’t just painting their existing cabinets, they want to replace them with wood cabinetry,” she adds. Thumbtack also reports a a trend of pairing wood cabinetry with natural stone countertops for a clean, minimalist look.

Spa-Inspired Bathrooms
That warm and relaxing design style is also feeding into the inspiration behind homeowners’ bathroom renovations. “Gone are the days of white cabinets and builder-grade hardware,” Olsen says. “Spa-like bathrooms are trending with a focus on comfort and luxury.”

According to Thumbtack, bathroom remodels are up 21 percent YoY with an increased interest in spa luxuries—like soaking tubs, steam showers, heated floors, and bidets—being added. The report also notes current bathroom design trends, which include fluted vanities, scalloped accents, zellige tile backsplashes, bold wallpapers, and dark, moody paint colors.

Custom Closets
A well-designed and organized closet can be just as luxurious as a spa-like bathroom, for some. According to Thumbtack, closet remodels are up 53 percent YoY, with a majority of homeowners remodeling because they want to add storage and built-in shelving.

“The big trend coming through is having a custom look in your home,” Olsen says. “One project at a time, like a closet remodel for custom built-ins, you can transform your home into your dream home, unique to your style and needs.”

Roof Inspections
Along with all the more exciting renovations, seasonal maintenance can’t be forgotten. The biggest focus for homeowners right now? Roof inspections. According to Thumbtack, roof inspections are up 108 percent YoY, with almost half (45.4 percent) focused on routine check-ups.

Morgan Noll, Real Simple