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The Top 5 Things Buyer are Looking For

What are home buyers looking for now? During the pandemic, we saw the “flight from density” from city living to the suburbs and many people building pools in their backyards. While desired home features and amenities constantly evolve, Forbes Global Properties – of which Long & Foster is a member – conducted a survey to find out what buyers want and need in a post-pandemic world.

Traditional must-have amenities, such as the latest smart home technology and spa-like bathrooms, still rank high, and here are the five top-ranked home buyer priorities, according to the Forbes Global Properties survey.

1. Outdoor Space: Gardens, terraces and other outdoor spaces, especially covered outdoor entertaining areas, are in high demand.

2. Proximity to Lifestyle Amenities: Homebuyers are seeking access to lifestyle amenities beyond their homes, such as access to mountain-side ski resorts, beaches or lakes.

3. Multiple Home Offices: Buyers are looking for multiple home offices to accommodate several family members working or studying remotely.

4. More Space for Hosting and Entertainment: Buyers want extra space, additional bedrooms and large multifunction rooms to host guests.

5. Expansive, Gourmet Kitchens: Upgraded kitchens with large center islands for cooking and gathering are in high demand.

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