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Storage Hacks for Your Luxury Condo

Full Furnished living Room

Bethesda, Maryland has a growing and glowing luxury condominium market. Condos for sale range from $300,000 into the millions and many offer first-class amenities such as pools, fitness centers, rooftop community decks, concierge service, and 24-hours security. Most are located within walking distance of local restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

Condominiums can, however, be somewhat restrictive when it comes to storage. Many have expansive open floor plans and finding the right solutions to keep items you want close but not necessarily visible can be a challenge.

Conventional bedroom sets don’t always fit in upscale condos. With 50-foot flat screens and large beds, typical dressers and chests of drawers may not be practical. More and more people are going with foam mattresses and platform beds can be found with excellent storage. Drawers, lifting platforms with secret storage, headboards that have plugs for your devices, Bluetooth speakers and built-in lighting allow the open feel of the room to remain without sacrificing space with an armoire.

Living Area
The use of open bookcases, color-blocked walls to separate areas in an open space, and continuing color to draw areas together all help establish sectors and still maintain the open feel of the condominium space. Storage ottomans, canvas totes for bookcases and sofas with compartments will provide extra non-intrusive space for items that are needed to be kept close at hand.

Dining Area
The variety of tables and chairs which expand or reduce in size is a growing market. Tables that, with a touch, will go from seating for two to seating for eight, chairs that stack, ottomans that can be stored under coffee tables when not in use all provide tremendous versatility.

Cabinets. Corner cabinets, under cabinets, sliding cabinets, every available space that can be used should be used. Hanging racks for pots and pans, and stackable storage containers, drawer dividers, and sliding trays in the pantry will all free up counter areas to allow more space for preparing gourmet meals.

Much like the kitchen, unused space in the bathroom could benefit from the use of racks and dividers in the vanities and accent shelves on the walls.

Laundry Area/Utility Closets
The laundry area and utility closets are often forgotten when thinking of ways to expand storage. Simple things, like putting a tabletop over the washer and dryer, or a small sliding rack between the machines provides extra space to fold and sort the laundry as well as a place to store detergents and cleaners. Use the space above the tabletop to store paper goods and other bulk household items. Over the door racks in a utility closet can also provide extra space for items that aren’t going to create hazards, and hooks for brooms, mops, and vacuums get those items out of the way but always available.

There are so many ingenious ways to maximize storage, visible and invisible, that will keep the luxury in the condo. If you’re looking for the best luxury condo to suit your luxury needs we know the market so feel free to contact us today.