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These smart features will help you sell your home

smart features will help you sell your home

In a hot real estate market like Washington DC, it can be hard to stand out from other properties in the market. Not all hope is lost, however. A great way to grab buyers’ attention is to equip your property with practical and functional smart home features.

The following are highly recommended to boost your home’s value and attractiveness.

  1. Smart faucets

    Copper faucets were stylish in 2017. Now, smart ones are all the rage. One home technology can help you (and the future owners of your home) control the amount of water dispensed by the faucet. It can even help you keep tabs on your total water usage.

    This tech is called Sensate with Kohler Konnect, from the manufacturing heavyweight. Through this sink attachment, you will be able to talk to your faucet. Aside from its functionality, the Sensate with Kohler Konnect is also a stylish addition to your bathrooms. It comes in three styles that are yet to be launched. Sign up here to be notified.

  2. The Tetra dishwasher

    If you are looking for a high-tech alternative to your traditional dishwasher, look no further. The Tetra countertop dishwasher is the solution to your woes.

    The Tetra is unlike any other dishwasher you’ve encountered. First of all, it is connected to the internet. Second, you don’t need plumbing to install it. It is miniature than its traditional counterparts and incredibly portable to boot. Third, you can even prepare food such as lobster using the Tetra, thanks to its unique water heating controls. This dishwasher sure knows how to take “functional” to the next level.

    This smart home device will cost about $300, but it is worth the investment. Read more about the Tetra here and sign up to get updates about the product launch.

  3. Automatic sliding doors

    Seamless indoor-outdoor living is increasingly becoming a must-have feature in homes. One way to help you incorporate this trend into your property is by having automatic sliding doors installed. One moment they serve as solid borders between indoor and outdoor living spaces, and then they disappear without a trace when you need them to.

    There are many options available in the market, one of which is the Riviera Bronze sliding doors. They are customizable to fit exact dimensions and come in a variety of finishes, including Metalized and Powder Coat. And last but not the least, these high-grade sliding doors are controlled with a simple button on your smart phone.

Other useful smart home features

Safety and security can further bolster your property’s appeal. Increase the home security by investing in smart home features that allow homeowners to monitor their house 24/7, wherever they are, through a partner app.

Making your property smart and eco-friendly also helps it stand out from the competition. Look into green technologies, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and power trips that help homeowners control the electricity intake of their appliances.

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