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Real estate photography tips to make your listing stand out

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Did you know that 90% of home buyers search for properties online? As such, the first thing they’ll see of your home will most likely be its pictures. That’s why good real estate photography is a must if you want to sell your home quickly.

To help you out, the team at Heller Coley Reed prepared this guide on how to take pictures for a house listing:

It’s all about lighting

No matter how high-tech your camera might be, your photos won’t look great if the lighting isn’t. Luckily, lighting issues can be easily solved with proper timing. That is, time your shoots early in the morning or right before sunset—the so-called ”Golden Hour.” During these times, natural light will be ample but soft, so you won’t get harsh shadows. If you’re photographing interiors, open those drapes and turn on the lights to further illuminate the space.

Shoot different angles

You can never take too many photos of your home, especially if you’re listing it online. That said, be sure to photograph your house from various angles to help would-be buyers better appreciate its appeal— the goal here is to prove that your home is impressive no matter where you look. Likewise, you should also take photos of all rooms in your house, along with its facade, front yard, and backyard. That way, flipping through the photos feels almost as if buyers are taking a walkthrough of your property.

Learn how to use your camera

Terms like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO may sound like jargon to you, but they have a big effect on how well your photos turn out. Aperture refers to how much light can pass through your lens, while shutter speed dictates how long the shutter remains open to capture light. ISO, on the other hand, controls how sensitive your camera is to light, thereby controlling how bright or dark your photos are. Play around with these settings to optimize the quality of the pictures you take.

Know how to enhance your photos

Even the best real estate photography experts enhance their pictures during post-production, so learning a few basic Photoshop tricks is definitely worth it. If you don’t have access to the software, there are many free photo editors that you can download both for your phone or computer. Fire up your app of choice and tweak aspects like hue, saturation, and lightness until you get your desired results. Not inclined to fiddle with these settings? Many apps also have a one-click auto-enhance feature that takes the guesswork out of the process.

Hire a professional

If you want to take the best photos possible, it’s recommended to hire a pro to do it for you. Not only do photographers have the skill to make your home look amazing, they also have all the tools needed to take a great picture. More importantly, they have an eye for how to emphasize your property’s positive aspects while toning down its flaws.

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