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Paint colors that help boost your home’s value

A spacious living room

The colors you use to paint your home can very strongly affect the price you eventually sell it for.. Zillow reported that research covering 1,000 recent or prospective buyers, found that some paint colors can increase the amount a buyer offers on a house by a whopping $5,000. Not a bad return on investment for a lick of paint. 

Here’s a guide to what colors work best for specific areas of a home.

The exterior

A white exterior grabs a buyer’s attention and challenges them to put their own signature on the home. They can get creative with landscaping. They can add extra finishes like a new paint color for doors and windows. In other words, white literally and figuratively represents a clean slate for the buyer. Buyers have a hard time imagining a different color for the home if its exterior comes in a non-white shade.


A Zillow report that examined 135,000 pictures of old homes nationwide reveals that  charcoal, smoky and jet black front doors raise the value of a home by as much as $6,271. This is an incredible boost to your bottom line, considering the outlay. It must be noted that painting a door black doesn’t automatically mean you’ll receive thousands of dollars more in offers but it does make it more likely. 


Bathrooms in light blue hues can yield a substantial return on investment compared to others in different colors. Survey respondents said they are more eager to inspect or even buy a home with a light blue bathroom. They don’t even mind paying 1.6 % more than the original price. This means a hefty $5,000 increase on the selling price of an average home in the US.


Soothing blue takes the lead again for bedrooms. This time, though, the survey says respondents go for deep shades of blue that promote coziness and deep rest. You can’t go wrong with deep blue walls, liberal touches of the same color on the headboard, the comforter, bedsheet and pillow cases.


Zillow reveals that neutral colors work best for the kitchen (and the living area). Painting the kitchen white can add as much as $600 to the value of a home. Furthermore, adding grays and mild blues can further boost the value of a home by an average of $1,809. 

Living rooms

Relaxing and welcoming light grey in living rooms can increase the value of a home by as much as $200. Painting the living room wall in light grey, and repeating the color on the sofa, the carpet, throw pillows and other items in the same area can work wonders.

Why location matters  

Color preferences vary from region to region. Southerners, for instance, more often go for dark hues. People from the Midwest tend to prefer neutrals, while those in the West Coast are partial to rich shades of green and gray, along with vibrant colors like red and gold.

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