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Moving During a Pandemic: Important Things to Consider

Family in a new home

Life goes on in the new normal created by this pandemic, including closing the deal on a new home and moving in. Even moving companies now have an updated set of guidelines to make sure these entities follow the state directives on COVID-19. 

As you prepare for your move, make sure you know what to expect from everyone involved in this life-changing transition – especially while this pandemic remains to be a threat. 

How moving companies are adapting

Even when the pandemic first hit, moving companies managed to continue operations – but with modifications, namely, the establishment of safety protocols. 

While there are general rules to follow in implementing the COVID-19 response per business, the level of safety practiced by each moving company may differ. At the very least, physical distancing and regular sanitization should be among the new adaptations in every moving company’s policies. 

This is why it is best to research beforehand on your potential mover’s updated policies related to COVID-19. That way, you’ll be able to coordinate with the mover under the safest conditions. It will also give you peace of mind to know how far the mover will go to keep things pathogen-free from start to finish.

How to ensure a safe move

Some may advise you to wait for safer times before proceeding with the move. However, the need to make way for the new owners of your former home may leave you with no other choice but to transfer as soon as possible. Thus, here’s what to do to keep yourself safe:

  • Get all the packaging items you need in one go.

    Packing with used boxes from retail stores used to be the norm before the pandemic. Nowadays, buying new boxes and other moving supplies is recommended to lessen the chances of exposure to the virus on surfaces. Also, when buying these, try to complete your shopping list in one go to minimize the time in enclosed spaces filled with people. 

  • Finish packing 24 hours before the move

    Here is a snippet of trivia on COVID-19: It is known to linger on surfaces for up to 24 hours. Thus, making sure you’ve completed packing at least a day before the move is a brilliant idea. Not only will you save time in the moving process, but you will also be protecting your movers from exposure.

  • Keep hand sanitizing agents handy.

    Your movers are most likely going to practice safety protocols of their own. But just to place an additional layer of protection, allow the movers access to a variety of items for hand sanitation (e.g., sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, or liquid hand soap) in both the old house and the new one. Place these items in strategic areas of the house (by the main door, kitchen sink, and bathroom) to make these more accessible.

  • Be patient.

    Pre-pandemic, moving was already quite a challenge; more so, today. It may even be more difficult to immediately get a moving company to take on the job as they may be experiencing a backlog of client calls. And when you finally get to commission one for the task, the new protocols and strict policies will result in a lag, thus affecting deadlines and expectations.

    In all of these, keep calm and be patient.

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