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Lighting 101: Putting the Spotlight on Your Condo

Inside a condominium with full of lightings

Lighting is an important aspect of interior design – it is not just about adding a few lamps here and there. If condo owners want to properly showcase their property, they must know how lighting can elevate the value of their space. 

To guide you with respect to lighting techniques for your condo, follow these essential tips:

Know the different types of lighting

One size does not fit all when it comes to lighting. These vary not just in terms of form and degree of illumination but also in terms of usage. 

To properly light their condo, homeowners must be able to distinguish among these three types of lighting:

  • General lighting. Also known as ambient lighting, this is used to illuminate the entirety of a room. Examples are ceiling-mounted fixtures and wall-mounted fixtures. Versatile recessed lighting with dimmer switches is recommended for condos.
  • Task lighting. As the name suggests, this is used to illuminate areas where one does specific tasks like reading, writing, computer work, and cooking. Pendant lighting, fluorescent lighting, and desk lamps are the most common forms of task lighting.
  • Accent lighting. This is used to accentuate certain parts of the space or to help with the ambiance in a room. For example, small wall sconces are used to create a dramatic effect while pin spotlights are best for showcasing art.

Be practical

Lighting is more than just about aesthetics. For the best results, homeowners need to consider the use of each room and tailor the lighting according to that specific purpose. Some rooms may require more practical light fixtures while others may have certain home items that require accent lighting to stand out.

The kitchen, for instance, requires a lot of task lighting because this is where the cooking and dining happens. Installing lights above the stove, kitchen islands, and under the cabinets will make the space easier to navigate.

Using the appropriate type of lighting in the space will improve the livability of the condo while also enhancing its look and appeal. 

Think outside the box

Be adventurous when it comes to installing light fixtures. Like any other element of the condo, make sure these go well with the décor and add more depth to the home’s look. Experiment with different materials like metal, glass, or wood for pendant lights. Or use colored shades for accent lamps to turn an ordinary room into a more vibrant space. 

Consider the bulbs

Last but not least, think about the bulbs. Light bulbs come in various hues and levels of brightness so make sure they match the light fixture, as well as the target ambiance of the space. If a space has warm tones, having a light bulb with a cooler glow can balance the room’s overall aesthetic.

For those who want the best in customized lighting, smart LED bulbs are the ideal choice. With smart light bulbs, homeowners can control the brightness, color, and more with the use of an app.

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