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How to Find the Ideal Real Estate Agent

Finding a great realtor in Bethesda, Maryland shouldn’t be a chore. But with the number of agents growing by 6% annually and the expectation that the trend will continue for the next decade, with many real estate agents in Washington D.C. to choose from, it can be difficult to know which factors to base your decision on.

Online ads, postcards, and yard signs are designed to pull you in. The goal is to get you to use that agent. Good agents are good at marketing. But new and inexperienced agents can also create an ad campaign. To alleviate the stress, there are few tips in finding the ideal agent.

Start with a lender. By understanding what you can afford, what you are pre-approved for, and figuring out any issues with funding, this allows you to set your goals. It also shows potential agents how serious you are. Then you can go in prepared with pre-approval letters and the ability to keep the haggling for the buyer, not the realtor.

Interview prospective agents. You are looking for someone to support your real estate goals, not to be your best friend. You want and need to spend time with them and to evaluate their ability, so you can determine if this agent is right for you. Make sure that they have the time, the team, and the wisdom to further your objectives.

Interview more than one agent and see which ones truly take the time to listen to you. You can tell if you are dealing with a shady salesman or a knowledgeable, dedicated expert. It’s more than just websites and social media. Great real estate agents know the client is key and go above and beyond to serve you. They know their business is keeping your business.

Get referrals and references and take the time to check them. With online reviews and testimonials, you might be reading the words of a paid agent and not someone who has worked with the agent. Don’t take the referral on the Facebook Business Page as gospel. Prepare a list of questions to ask of both the agent and the clients and compare the answers. Are they loyal, focused? How long have they been licensed? Just because they have a lot of sales doesn’t mean that they are attentive to your needs and committed to the right outcome for you. It might mean that they are pushing clients into moves they may regret in the long run.

Make sure they know the market, especially if you are looking into a niche area like luxury homes or condos, don’t be afraid to test their knowledge. This requires you to know a little about it yourself. But taking your time getting to know your agents in the beginning will save you more time in the long run. Agents that are local and focused can provide better care and faster outcomes.

Remember that the agent works for you. You are in charge and a good agent doesn’t need to be reminded of that. You can rely on our team to work with your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us today.