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Home buying: How to write a great offer letter

You’ve found your new home, gotten approval for a loan, and are about to put in an offer. Don’t forget to also submit an offer letter. 

A well-written offer letter can help convince the seller that they have in you,  the best option among those who have made an offer for their house.  It can create that link that draws the seller closer to the buyer and makes the buyer stand out from other offers. 

How do you compose that all-important letter?

Get personal

Adding a personal touch right off the bat creates a good first impression. Try the opening greeting “Dear Joe and Barbara” or “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones” instead of the bland “Dear Seller.” 

A handwritten letter can exude warmth and have a stronger emotional impact than an email. There’s also a stronger sense that the sender has taken more care and thought about how they want to convey their message. This all adds to a written letter having a better chance of swaying a seller that your bid is the one to accept. 

Reveal a little more about yourself

The seller, especially of a well-loved family home, may have a desire to transfer the property to good owners. In fact, the would-be buyer’s background is sometimes as important if not more than the size of the offer they make. This is the time to mention anything about yourself that you believe may count in your favor, like being a teacher, police officer, social worker, minister, etc.

Mention how you plan to take care of the house by mentioning homemaking skills like gardening, interior designing. Young parents can assure the seller they will keep the home a pleasant one for their children to grow up in. What’s important here is not so much to show how you will alter the home, but to emphasize that you will care for it. 

Play up the home’s assets

Compliment the owner by pointing out their home’s best traits. Is the kitchen  simply great for a family that loves to cook and eat together? Is the living room ideal for someone who enjoys inviting friends over on weekends? It’s best not to mention plans of remodeling the house since this may turn off an owner who is strongly attached to the place. 

Mention financial matters 

Mention that your application for a mortgage loan is ready for approval and state that you already have a pre-approval letter. The aim here is to reassure the seller that there will be no financial issue from your end. If there is a request to be made in terms of reaching an agreement on the asking price, give a gracious but not desperate reason as to why you are not able to meet the selling price. 

Find a common denominator

This will establish rapport between the seller and the buyer. Does the eat-in   kitchen resemble the one in your childhood home?  Do photos of children playing soccer make you think of your little ones? Mention something like this in the letter and you might just hit a chord that puts you in a favorable light.

End with a sincere thank you

These words create a lasting good impression. Thank the seller for taking the time to read the letter and consider your offer.  It shows sincerity and creates goodwill.

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