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Greener than ever: 8 updates to your home’s landscaping

There’s nothing more irresistible than a home oozing with curb appeal. A great exterior can make everyone stop for a second look and wish they live in that home.

Thoughtful landscaping is one sure way of achieving curb appeal.  Think lush greenery that makes one dream of relaxing afternoons outdoors curled up with a book, or balmy nights in your garden feeling the breeze on your skin.

According to studies, well-maintained and updated landscaping can improve home value by five to 15 percent. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recommends that homeowners allot 10 percent of their property’s value to landscaping and expect 100% to 200% ROI when they sell their property.

How can you enhance or update your landscaping to raise your home’s value?  These are some of the ways:

Curved lines and other sophisticated styles

Sophisticated styles like curved beds, lush evergreens, and colorful perennials can make your yard or garden look beautiful year-round.  Plant beds do not cost much and add interest, texture, and color.  Since they do wonders in defining the space, they can make a lawn look full and healthy.  Flower beds planted with colorful annuals provide bursts of color amidst green lawn and trimmed hedges.

Plants for all seasons 

Consider plants that thrive well by season for some diversity to your lawn or garden.  Bulbs in the spring, annuals in the summer, shrubs in autumn, and evergreens in winter – various seasonal plants help ensure your home looks thriving and picture-perfect throughout the year.

Grow money on trees 

The USDA Forest Service says healthy trees can raise property value by 10 per cent, lowering heating and cooling expenses, enhancing privacy, muffling noise, inviting birds and pollinating agents, and creating a happy mood.  Arbor Day Foundation states that a young, healthy tree can cool a home as much as ten room-size air conditioners working 20 hours daily. 

Choose small, native trees that fit the soil and climate.  Find a native tree grown from local cuttings.  Deciduous trees give shade in summer and shed leaves in winter, letting precious sunlight into the yard.  Keep trees away from the driveway and the house itself since they may affect power lines and septic system drain fields or block views to and from the house.

Awnings, pergolas and other shaded structures

Awnings, pergolas and other shade structures help provide much-needed protection from the sun’s harsh rays. 

Wide pathways

Wide pathways exude a welcoming, feel-good vibe. If you have limited space,  pavers, bricks, gravel, or mulch can help enlarge the area.  Make sure walkways are level and in good repair.     

Brighten things up 

Illuminate walkways, plants, architectural features, and outdoor living spaces to help enhance safety at night while highlighting your garden’s best features and creating a comfortable atmosphere.

Privacy protection 

Tall, decorative shrubs, attractive fencing, and similar features shield you from prying eyes and unwelcome views.

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