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Got kids? Here’s what you should look for when buying a house

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Purchasing a home can be a complicated process. Buyers have several factors to consider to determine what makes a property suitable for their needs. Price, location, and proximity to the workplace are obvious factors. An understanding of the required level of maintenance the home needs for its upkeep is another. And buying a house for a child or children to live in is another story as well. The needs and wants of kids can add complexity to the home purchasing process, which adds more responsibilities to the parents’ plate.

Here is a list of things a buyer should consider in finding the perfect home for their family. With the right mindset and proper guidance, house hunting with and for kids will be easy as pie.

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  1. Safety
  2. Kids’ safety is a primary concern of parents, and the chosen home should reflect this. Parents should keep in mind that their future home should be a haven for their kids. Some things to look out for in the potential home are:

    • the steepness of stairs, if any
    • presence of railings in staircases
    • sharp corners and rough surfaces
    • ease of child-proofing

    Homes with fenced-in yards can be beneficial. When looking for a house with a pool or ponds, parents should be aware of municipal codes regarding water features i.e. attractive nuisances.

  3. Size
  4. When choosing a home for the family, it is wise to think ahead and plan for the future. While a buyer’s family may be small now, they must take note that the children are currently growing. Choosing a home big enough to accommodate this growth is necessary. This is so that the family can still move around with ease in the coming years.

    Buyers must also think of the size and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. They must keep in mind that children usually prefer a room of their own during their teenage years. Also, kids need a lot of storage space for their clothes and toys, so buyers should account for that.

  5. Location
  6. The location of the home is another crucial factor that buyers have to consider. Do the parents prefer an urban, rural, or suburban neighborhood? They should take note of the local amenities near the potential home. Buyers who research neighborhoods, desired school clusters (check out or, and proximity to transportation are much better prepared to start house hunting.

Final Thoughts

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