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Fun DIY Projects for your new place!

You’ve looked at the properties for sale and you’ve finally found the one, the one to make your own! Now it’s time to personalize it, give it your stamp.

Here are some great projects to up the ante on the look of your new place that you can do on your own:

  1. Give your throw pillows a makeover

    Any living room or bedroom gets an instant lift the moment you place throw pillows in them. Not only are these good for snuggling or for making naps comfier, but they also provide texture and act as accents to liven up neutral furniture pieces in the room. DIY tip: how about sewing gold or bronze leaf appliqués on plain throw pillows for a customized and attractive design?

  2. Wooden pallets are your friend

    If you are a legit DIYer and you’re good with nails and a hammer, you will understand and appreciate the versatility of wooden pallets. Used in many woodworking projects, they are relatively easy to come by. Turn these into rustic coffee tables, shelves, display racks for small indoor plants – the possibilities are endless! Click here for the coolest ideas using wooden pallets.

  3. No-sew curtains for blocking light

    We all love natural light but there are times when you don’t want to feel like you’re living inside an aquarium. Curtains are the solution to block both light and peeking eyes. For this project, choose the relatively light linen types with linings. Look for complementary colors, textures, and consider a tone-on-tone pattern for added interest.

    To provide the illusion of a higher ceiling, place the curtain rods approximately 4 inches away from the ceiling. Get the step-by-step process on how to do this by clicking here.

  4. Repurpose old furniture

    Instead of throwing away your old stuff and buying something new, how about repurposing? With creativity, cans of paint, and some woodworking know-how, you can turn old dressers into classy shelves, used cribs into chairs, and other nifty new furniture. Here are a bunch of great repurposing ideas to get you started.

  5. Give your framed mirror a new look

    On top of giving the illusion of space, hanging a mirror or two in strategic areas of the home can capture and reflect a spectacular view or simply bring in more light. If you already have mirrors, try upcycling the frame in a fun or bold color or using a DIY treatment to make the mirror finish look like an antique – for a rustic and fresh look.

  6. Wooden ladder as blanket storage

    When you incorporate wood into your décor, it creates an organic and natural atmosphere. It’s the kind of appeal you’ll get if you take an old wooden ladder, sand and refinish it, then place it near or in your bedroom to use as a place to hang your blankets, or your bathroom to hang your towels.

There are so many great DIY ideas out there to give your digs a brand-new look without breaking the bank. These design tips have been brought to you by Heller Coley Reed, a leader in the Washington metro area real estate market. Call Heller Coley Reed at 240.800.5155 or send an email to hellercoleyreed(at)gmail(dotted)com.