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Effective decluttering ideas

Difference between an organized clothes rack and an organized folded clothes

When you live in small living quarters like a condo or an apartment, space – or the illusion of space – becomes a treasured commodity. There are many ways to achieve this, especially if you have chosen a unit from among condos for sale in the trending areas of Bethesda or Somerset in Maryland. However, probably the most effective method to keep things where they should be to gain more space is through decluttering. But first, a distinction must be made.

Organizing vs. decluttering

Both of these activities entail keeping items in your living space in order. However, there is a more temporary feel to organizing compared with decluttering. You can spend the whole day arranging your stuff then feel good about it. However, you’ll soon end up with the same stuff haphazardly returned to storage, if at all, and the result is another big mess.

Decluttering, meanwhile, essentially removes stuff from your home while you put things back in order. What to do with the excess thingamabobs you found during your decluttering project? Here are some great tips:

Donate or sell!

You’ll be surprised by the number of people who will be thoroughly happy to receive items you used to hold on to. Even your ugly sweaters will be able to keep someone else comfy in nippy weather. And speaking of clothes…

Abide by the six-month rule

If you haven’t worn a particular garment you’ve been keeping in storage for six months, then it’s time to let it go.

One room at a time

Don’t go on a decluttering spree – you’ll just tire yourself out in the process and leave the project unfinished. Instead, start small with just one room for a period of time. Once you’re done there, proceed to the next room, then the next. Seeing your progress will inspire you to continue until you realize you’ve completed your task slowly but surely.

15 minutes only

This needs to be repeated for emphasis: start small instead of going on a big decluttering bonanza which will decrease the chance of being completed. Declutter an area of your home for around 15 minutes every day. You can even chart your progress with a colorful layout of your home. After decluttering an area, shade its counterpart on your chart to signify that you’re done with that said area. Declutter, shade, and soon enough, you’ll see a concrete representation of the extent of work you’ve done to declutter your home.

Ask for a second opinion

Have a friend come over as you declutter. All that friend has to do is to provide you with feedback on whether an item you have stashed away needs to go or not. Unlike you who may have some emotional attachment to some of the things you’ve accumulated over time, that friend does not. They will be in a much better position to tell you to give up an item that’s just sitting around as clutter.

No to hoarding

So, you’ve finally decluttered your entire home and you re-claimed space that was once filled with random stuff. Congratulations! Then again, all your efforts will be for naught if you buy new things again because “I might need it soon” or “Bought this at a great discount!” Resist that urge!

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