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Downsizing tips when moving to Bethesda, MD

Downsizing tips when moving to Bethesda, MD

We have to downsize at some point. Work and/or business require a transfer. Empty nests are difficult to maintain. People want to live a better life elsewhere.

Whatever the reason, downsizing should be slow and deliberate. It’s not just parting with unnecessary stuff. It’s dealing with emotions and memories.

Start early

Don’t wait until circumstances force you to downsize. Take time deciding what to keep and discard. Separate them into things you want to keep, toss, or donate. Send discarded electronic items to the nearest e-waste recycling center. Prepping now reduces stress and allows you to see things in perspective.

Measure your new area

Measure the room, starting with the front door and other entry points. It’s useless to buy pieces of furniture which don’t fit the allotted space. Measure staircases diagonally to check if you can carry the pieces to the upper floor. New furniture must be at least four inches less than the passage area.

Maximize storage

Go vertical. Think floor-to-ceiling shelves, suspended pot racks, door organizers, furniture with hidden storage, garage hooks, and tools and sports gear shelves.

Digitize stuff

Curb clutter by digitizing documents. Scan diplomas, letters, certificates, old photos, etc. Keep digital copies as backup for paper documents you need for official use.

Consume less

Curb impulse buys. Donate an item for every non-essential you purchase. If you’re an empty nester, stop thinking you’re still grocery shopping and cooking for a larger brood.

Discard things in rooms you won’t have in your new house

The guest room has no place for the bed and the wardrobe. Nor the tiki bar in the basement or the bulky center table in the grand foyer. And the silverware you used to host formal dinners. Consider an estate sale if the bulk of your possessions isn’t needed.

Curate your keepsakes

You can’t bring them all with you so decide what’s nearest and dearest. Before discarding: 1 – Ask family and friends if there’s anything they’d like to keep. 2 – Take photos to remember them by. 3 – Don’t forget: memories are more valuable than things.

Give yourself time to reminisce

Before you toss or donate, remember the story behind an old report card, a rock concert ticket, a ratty blankie. Indulge in nostalgia. And be grateful for the memories.

Hire an agent who’s an expert in downsizing

Get one with your best interest in mind. Relay your non-negotiables and nice-to-haves.

Think positive

A new home frees you to pursue a new life. Embrace it. Look forward to the future with joy – thrill to the possibilities and opportunity of starting anew.

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