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Design ideas that will turn your home into a luxurious abode

minimalist living room

Do you want to live luxuriously without paying the price tag of a luxury home? Good news! By incorporating the following design ideas, you can transform your abode from a cozy space into a luxe DC dwelling.

  1. Decorate a bare wall with a large painting.Instead of hanging frame upon frame of pictures and paintings on the wall, consider hanging a large painting instead. The size adds wow factor, while its positioning helps you create a central focal point.

    The work of art you’ll hang need not be an expensive masterpiece. Scour DC’s flea markets to look for unique and chic art you can collect. If you are artistically inclined, don’t hesitate to create your own piece of art.

  2. Add crown molding throughout the home.The gap between the ceiling and the walls can sometimes be unsightly. What better way than to cover it up with crown molding? In addition to hiding these spaces, this architectural feature can also elevate the look of your home by adding simple elegance to the property.

    The best part about crown molding is you need not spend too much to have it installed. Handy homeowners can even do the work themselves. Don’t forget to choose the style that best fits your overall theme. Simple crown molding goes well with minimalist themes, while more elaborate styles evoke tradition and a bygone era.

  3. When it comes to accessorizing, less is more.Piling too much decor on one room can make the space the opposite of elegant and sophisticated. Stick to a theme and be thoughtful of the items you use to decorate. A couple of throw pillows, a neatly stacked pile of books or magazines, and a vase with flowers or ferns, can easily do the trick.

    If you want to make a space more personal, display a couple of photographs of family and friends. You can also display items with sentimental value. Just remember to tone it down. That way, you will have more pieces to display in other parts of the home.

  4. Draw the attention with an interesting pattern.Rugs and carpets can make a room look plush and luxurious. It can even be more effective if you choose fabrics in an interesting pattern, perhaps vintage or global in design. Think Kilim rugs, or fabrics with unusual textures that make it seem like you’ve traveled around the world.

    Like a large piece of art, it will help create visual intrigue in any space, drawing positive attention in the process. Just don’t forget tip #3: less is more!

  5. Add a sculptural detail.Clean, geometric lines may be nice to look that, especially when they’re beautifully uniform. They can, however, be quite boring. To avoid this, don’t be afraid to incorporate architectural or sculptural items in a space. It could be a single, large vase or a coffee table in an interesting shape.

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