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9 tricks to maximize condominium space

A modern Scandinavian condo interior

Condo living in a city where space is precious has become the norm rather than the exception. In addition to maximizing lot areas, their ideal locations close to city centers, business districts, leisure spots, and grocery stores spells convenience and accessibility in an urbanized lifestyle. And commute time is often slashed to zero.

But living in a condo also comes with challenges, and topping the list is limited space.

However, with careful planning and plenty of imagination, you can find excellent ways to maximize the compact space, to make condo living as comfortable as it is convenient.

Go for hidden storage

Get a coffee table, ottoman, couch, bed, and other furniture pieces with concealed drawers and use chests for magazines, small clothing items, and other personal stuff. 

Use every available space

Turn the stair space into a computer nook or home office. Build shelves beneath the stairs to store personal collections like knick-knacks, books, and coffee mugs.

Get multi-purpose furniture

Scour furniture and home improvement stores for pieces that can serve more than one purpose. Look for sofa beds for overnight guests, and coffee tables or ottomans that can double as chairs. A long console table can become a work-station or TV stand.

Choose open shelves

Closed shelves make an already limited area look even smaller. In lieu of cupboards and cabinets, achieve the illusion of more space with open shelves. Take advantage of this chance to display those Instagrammable dishes, frames, and other collectibles.

Install mirrors

Mirrors make a room appear larger, more open, and inviting. They also brighten up an area since they reflect natural and artificial light. 

Be creative! Arrange small mirrors in strategic spots around the room, or place them next to each other. Install a mirror near a window to reflect outdoor scenes, and drink in the view of city lights at night and the hustle and bustle of life during the day. A beveled plate mirror over a glass tabletop, cabinet doors with mirrors, and hanging mirrors look elegant while saving on space.  

Stick to a light color scheme

Expand limited space by choosing white or light neutral colors for your walls. Soft hues of green, tan, beige, gray, and yellow give off the feel of airy and expansive spaces. Adding warm elements like wood furniture and leafy green plants helps prevent a “cold” vibe.  

Use blinds or shutters, not curtains

Curtains break the illusion of space and bring visual clutter. They also block views of the outside. Plantation shutters, lightweight mesh or cloth blinds, and vertical blinds create a more streamlined effect. They also filter light while still providing privacy.  

Go vertical

Vertical space exudes a feeling of openness. It also creates an illusion of movement and flow. Go for tall furnishings like shelves, a large painting, and hanging lights.  

Avoid clutter 

Keep accessories, belts, and other collections in decorative boxes or baskets. Mount the ironing board against an unused wall or store it in a closet. Stick to a few area rugs, paintings, and pictures. Simplicity brings order.      

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