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7 Ways to add pizzazz to your home through Zen principles

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The concept of Zen is all about mindfulness where you are at peace with yourself and the universe. It’s not relegated to a religious belief – it can be imbibed as a less complicated way of living that extends to the home.

Achieving a state of Zen at home is actually possible with these tips:

Be mindful of colors

The key to creating the perfect minimalist interior starts with having a soft and fresh base color. The Zen approach calls for a subdued hue. Neutral, earthy colors in soft tones have the power to induce a soothing effect to any room. White walls open up a room and make it appear bigger while beige and gray make a room feel less stuffy and easier on the eyes.

A caveat though, not all white colors are created equal. If you want a warmer appearance, go for white with yellow undertones but if you are going for that crisp look, choose one with blue undertones. Chromatic harmony, as well as visual continuity, are both very crucial when creating a clean-looking space.Opt for solid pigments that integrate well with your neutral colors.

Eliminate clutter

Discarding anything that no longer serves you feels amazing and is probably one of the first steps to make your home totally Zen. Minimizing accessories and keeping only the essentials will not only give you more space for storage, but it will also give you a clutter-free and more simplified outlook.

Let the natural light shine in

Ditch the heavy fabric curtains and get rid of accent pieces that block natural light. Install additional windows, mirrors, and skylights if you must. Natural light stimulates your “feel good” mood and is less harsh on the eyes than artificial lights. It’s also scientifically proven to help you achieve a healthier sleeping pattern.

Surround yourself with plants

Many who live the urban lifestyle still think greeneries are only limited to the garden, not inside the home. But putting plants indoors brings nature into your household. These help to purify the air and reduce stress. Plants like succulents, peace lilies, and bamboo palm serve to add texture and give any space a refreshing look.

Invest in quality furniture

Choosing quality over quantity can be quite tricky, especially for those who can’t help but impulse-buy. It’s even trickier having to work with as little furniture as possible, but investing in quality, naturally-made furniture will give your space a sleek look.

Keep decorations minimal

Less is more — this is one basic rule of Zen design. So when you decorate any room in your house, make sure not to complicate things with artwork and baubles that essentially go against the idea of Zen. Consider covering your books in monochrome paper and hang simple paintings framed in solid colors.

Create magic with natural scents and candlelight

There is something soothing and reassuring about a room that is a wash in soft light from lit candles and the faint but noticeable aroma of nature’s scents. Allow a fragrance from essential oils to swirl in your living quarters for a cleaner, fresher vibe. Also, find out the kind of natural fragrance that will work best for you. Scents like chamomile and lavender work to bring calm while bergamot and wild orange serve to boost one’s energy.

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