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7 Things to Declutter in Your Bedroom Before Fall

Fall is almost here and life is about to get busy. From school to events to sports—the time to tidy is starting to dwindle. So, it’s best to start the new season by hitting the ground running. One of the most important places to declutter is the bedroom. After all, these rooms are our sanctuaries. A less cluttered space may even lead to a better night’s sleep. Here are seven things to declutter in your bedroom before fall.

Under the Bed
Do you store things under your bed? Has it become a black hole of miscellany you’ve forgotten about? Commit yourself to tackling this area the next day it rains. Whether you’re stashing old clothing, keepsakes, or simply things you no longer use—it’s time to either get rid of these items, give them away, or find a more convenient storage place.

Wire Hangers
While it can be challenging to throw out what’s essentially a freebie—your large collection of wire hangers isn’t doing you any favors. A closet with a variety of hanger types never looks aesthetically pleasing. These hangers can also ruin your clothing if used long-term. So get rid of your collection and replace them with slim, non-slip velvet hangers instead.

Dry Cleaning Garment Bags
Along the same lines, toss those dryer cleaner bags your clothing came in. They not only look unsightly, but they can also cause your clothing to yellow or have a residual odor from the dry cleaning fluid. Furthermore, they make it much harder to find what you’re looking for.

Clothing You Don’t Wear
Whether something doesn’t fit, doesn’t “spark joy,” or isn’t wearable anymore because it’s stained or worn out—it needs to go. Do whatever you need to do to edit your closet.

If this sounds like too daunting a task, don’t fret. All you need to do is break it down. Do tops one day and bottoms the next. Or edit by season. Give yourself a week to complete this task.

Shoes in Disrepair
Like clothing, shoes have a finite life. But unlike clothing, old shoes can cause significant problems. Old sneakers may no longer be supportive enough for walking or other exercise. Shoes with worn-out soles and heels can cause you to slip and hurt yourself. If you have a pair of shoes you really love but can’t really wear anymore, consider sending them off to a cobbler.

Shoes that perhaps were never comfortable in the first place (why did you buy those six-inch stilettos?) also need to go.  If you have designer shoes you no longer wear, you’re better off selling them on a resale site like The Real Real or Poshmark.

Old Bedding
Even the highest quality bedding doesn’t last forever. Sheets with holes in them, pillowcases with mascara marks, or white bedding that’s now a dull grey color should be tossed. You also may be able to donate bed sheets or towels to a local animal shelter.

Nightstand Drawers
Nightstand drawers can become a dumping ground for miscellaneous items, including old books (or new books that didn’t quite hold your interest), bills, receipts, or other papers. This clutter takes up space that should be held for things like television remotes, books we do want to read, and things like hand cream and lip balm. Fortunately, these spaces tend to be small so it’s a quick task to tackle.

Amanda Lauren, Real Simple