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3 Overused Holiday Decor Trends

There are two kinds of approaches to decorating for the holidays: Either you start pulling the lights out of storage before summer even turns into fall, or you deck the halls mere days—maybe hours—before Santa Claus arrives. But regardless of how early you start decorating for Christmas, there’s a good chance you’re tired of looking at the same red and green plaid Christmas tree skirt year after year. (We know, because we are, too.)

There will always be room for those beloved decorations you pull out year after year. But if you’re ready for something new, we’re here to help. We’ve polled designers from coast to coast on the holiday decor trends that are out—and what’s taking their place.
Just make sure that whatever you do, you stay true to yourself.

“Decorating your home for the holidays should be a personal expression of joy and celebration for the season, so have fun with it,” says Mark Feldman, chief home officer at Riverbend Home.

Ready to let your creativity shine? Buck these old trends and give the new and noteworthy ones a try.

Tired trend 1. Expected holiday colors
Green and red are still standard colors for Christmas, and many of your traditional decorations likely sport these shades.

“Traditional holiday colors will never be ‘out,’” says Jenny Reimold, HomeGoods style expert. “But many people want to simplify the season with more grounded tones, textured neutrals, and earthy colors.”

In: Earth tones
This year, let nature be your guide when decking the halls. “Go with snow-inspired whites and earth tones for your holiday decor theme,” says Feldman.

Above, we said conventional red and green are, well, conventional. But don’t rule out green so quickly. Feldman recommends skewing toward emerald jewel tones and shades like evergreen or olive that you would normally see in nature.

“While other ‘louder’ color trends come in and go out of style, earth tones never will,” says Feldman. “This color scheme feels elevated and luxurious.”

Tired trend 2. Minimalist decor
Minimalist holiday decor had its moment, but it’s time to let your wild side break through.

In: Eccentric knickknacks
“Eccentric and even downright wacky decor pieces are in demand this season,” says Feldman. “We’re even seeing a spike in interest for gnomes!” Reimold recommends creating over-the-top Christmas trees, tablescapes, and front porch displays.

“Go big by decorating with rattan reindeer and oversize glass ornaments within the tree. Alternate coordinating ribbon colors for a bolder tree-trimming technique,” says Reimold. “Create a tablescape with multiple hand-painted wooden nutcrackers and themed desserts served on festive cake stands.”  Consider a Christmas gnome (Etsy or an elegant nutcracker (Riverbend Home).

In: Mixed and matched metallics
If you want to punch up your earth tones, try adding decor pieces in metallic tones like silver and gold. Some of our favorite picks this year include a gold berry Christmas wreath (Target), a silver holiday reindeer (Crate & Barrel), and a metallic trees tablecloth and napkin set (

Tired trend 3. Traditional candles
You have all year to use traditional-looking circular candles and candleholders in your home. But the holiday season beckons for something more awe-inspiring.

In: Unique-shaped candles and lights
Why not try uniquely shaped, geometric candles or candleholders to add some dimension to your holiday-scented decor accents?

“At first sight, some people may think unique-shaped candles can look bizarre for the holidays, but this style actually has the ability to tell a story,” says Feldman.

Use firecracker-shaped lights (West Elm) instead of traditional bulbs to adorn your mantel. We love the look of spiral-shaped candlesticks (Amazon). Or, style your standard white candlesticks in colorful glass holders (Etsy).

This carved wood log candle (Riverbend Home) embraces the trendy earthy vibe. And these fluted tree candles (West Elm) look especially festive.

Ana Durrani,