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What to know about home inspections

Things you need to know about home inspections

Never undermine the value of a home inspection in the home-buying process. After a seller accepts your offer to purchase their home, a licensed home inspector should make a thorough assessment of your potential acquisition by examining its stru...

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A spacious living room

Paint colors that help boost your home’s value

The colors you use to paint your home can very strongly affect the price you eventually sell it for.. Zillow reported that research covering 1,000 recent or prospective buyers, found that some paint colors can increase the amount a buyer offers...

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Home buying: How to write a great offer letter

You’ve found your new home, gotten approval for a loan, and are about to put in an offer. Don’t forget to also submit an offer letter.  A well-written offer letter can help convince the seller that they have in you,  the best option am...

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The Hidden Gems of Bethesda, MD

Maryland is a melting pot of attractions, from natural sights like mountains and oceans to historical and cultural destinations. The entertainment scene is also diverse and colorful. Living in Bethesda, MD, a small suburb northwest of the Washi...

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Behavioral Trends Shaping Luxury Home Buying in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic brought an unprecedented change in our lifestyle and spending behavior, luxury home trends included. As reported by Redfin, luxury home buying in the US saw sales surging to 60.7% year over year during the three months end...

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Home Security Trends Worth Looking Into

The exponential rise of work-from-home set-ups due to the pandemic has increased the need for better home security systems. More and more professionals, small business owners, and students crave for safe spaces within the home so they can focu...

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Pulling Off a Maximalist Look for Your Interiors

Minimalism is out. Maximalism is in. This means bigger, bolder, busier walls, furniture, rugs, carpets, and other furnishings. White, barely decorated, subtle walls that are the marks of minimalism, are passé. Today, people long to express...

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The Best Nightlife Spots in Bethesda, MD

What better way to cap a fruitful day than by unwinding in a pleasant, relaxing nightspot? It’s your well-deserved reward for working so hard, your just desserts for conquering the stress of daily life. This is just what the nightspot...

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What to do with pets while moving?

How to move with your pets Much as humans can get stressed when moving from one place to another, one can only imagine how it can be for our furry friends. To make the transition as comfortable as possible, here are a few tips when it comes ...

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