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What to look for when buying a Bethesda townhome

A townhome is typically a multi-level residence with communal walls. It is like a cross between a single-family property and a condo unit. Like a condo unit, townhouse owners have home maintenance and fewer responsibilities. Moreover, it is eas...

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To Stage or Not to Stage

Real estate professionals and most clients know staging is important.  But staging changes as the market evolves. Of course, there are timeless aspects of staging.  Aspects like making repairs, depersonalizing the space, or giving the place a...

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Staging a condo for sale: What you need to know

One of the most challenging aspects of selling a condo is making it stand out among the many other condos for sale in Bethesda. If you want to have the edge, consider staging. With the right lighting, great décor, and other design upgrades you...

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How to Get Started Adding a Porch

Nothing creates a welcoming entry to a home quite like a porch. Even the smallest porch creates a gracious transition between the outdoors and indoor living spaces. A somewhat larger porch can provide a spot to pull up a chair or two and grow a...

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What to ask during virtual home tours

The home virtual tour has always been a useful recreational and marketing tool. However, it was only during the pandemic when this became the primary means for showcasing a home, alongside online real estate listings and social media posts. ...

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10 Ways to Make Your Home a Haven

Because we all need a haven right now - a home should be more than just somewhere to live. It should also be a retreat — a place in which you feel relaxed and nurtured. All too often, though, our houses slip into a more perfunctory role. Some...

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Inside a bathroom of a luxury condo in Bethesda

Choosing the best bathroom vanity

If you want a bathroom that makes a statement, you can do that with the right choice of vanity. It is one of the focal points of this space and is also commonly used by every member of the household. Thus, it is only proper that it be given the...

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How to Design a Stylish TV Room

The purpose of a TV room is just that—watching TV. But with today’s super-sized screens to contend with, squeezing in a sense of style (let alone making room for furniture) can be tricky. That’s exactly why to consider turning to the d...

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A man doing an inspection under the sink

Condo inspection requirements

Buying a good condominium can yield rich rewards. It’s near where the action is: offices, dining and shopping areas, public transit, recreational spots. You’re especially lucky if you get to purchase one among the many condos for sale in ...

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Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market

During a buyer's market is when most experts will recommend you buy real estate. A buyer's market is when there are more properties for sale than prospective buyers, and sellers are more willing to go with a low bid. However, that doesn't me...

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