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What to expect when buying a home in Washington DC

Buying a home in Washington, DC?Be prepared for an exciting experience, but always remember that with a large amount at stake, it’s important to go about the process with your eyes wide open. To help you keep your focus, learn about thethi...

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First-time homebuyer programs in Washington D.C

While property prices in Washington D.C. will likely remain high, they’re not out of reach, especially as a first-time buyer eligible for one (or more) of the programs below. The DC city government has long recognized that properties...

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Why locals love these Washington D.C. restaurants

A political, cultural, and economic crossroads, Washington D.C. offers locals and visitors the freedom of nearly unparalleled dining choices. Tucked into pockets of the metro area are dining spots to satisfy each craving. Here are the pla...

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8 Breakfast and brunch spots in DC to rave about

The people of Washington DC are always on the go with barely enough time for essentials like a hefty breakfast at home. The many food spots in the area are well aware of this so they adjusted by having breakfast and brunch menus. Now, DC people...

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Washington DC’s most expensive neighborhoods

Looking at several of Washington DC's upscale neighborhoods, one will realize that each of them has their own distinct edge. That's why it is of little surprise that these communities can afford the higher-than-average price tags they set on...

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4 modern kitchen designs for the heart of your home

More than simply not wanting to let the latest trends pass, upgrading your kitchen should do wonders for your home’s overall look and boost its value. Take inspiration from these amazing kitchen designs as you decorate the heart of your home:...

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