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Moving and Packing Tips for Smooth Moves

Moving—like getting a tooth pulled or driving a very long distance through uninteresting landscapes—is one of those trials almost everyone must face. It's sometimes unpleasant, it's never exactly fun, but it usually leads to a positive outc...

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8 Features Homebuyers Are Demanding in 2021

The pandemic has changed our lives in every way imaginable. And being at home in "lockdown" mode for so long caused many homebuyers to rethink what they want in a home. Just as we learned (at least some of us did) how to cut our own hair, we al...

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Is the Housing Market Going to Crash in 2021?

The housing market is red-hot right now, but if you're waiting for a massive market correction, don't count on it. Real estate industry experts weigh in with predictions for home buying and selling trends. It's hardly a secret that real estate...

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4th of July Family Celebration Ideas

July 4th is almost here, which means it's time to celebrate Independence Day! In honor of the original 13 states, we've put together a list of 14 ways you can celebrate with your family on this most patriotic holiday. From fireworks and rousing...

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Transform Unexpected Areas of Your Home

Whether you're looking for smart ways to clear your kitchen counters or trying to accommodate your kids' growing collection of toys, finding storage in unexpected parts of your home allows you to make the most of the space you have. Ahead, you ...

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elegant living area

Home staging sells a house faster

Real estate agents and homeowners know that showcasing a house’s assets – which is what home staging does – attracts buyers and speeds up the selling process. Home staging brings out an emotional response in buyers. The National Associ...

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How credit scores help in the home buying process

Paying cash for a home is a luxury few can afford. Thus, most homebuyers resort to loans to get the home of their dreams. But first, they have to know what it takes to qualify for a mortgage. They have to make sure their credit score works for...

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Mistakes to avoid when buying a new house

It’s easy to get carried away when buying a new house. Visions of moving in and transforming it to everything the heart desires can overcome anyone. Expectations can be too high. Remember that emotions can cloud crucial aspects of buying...

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7 Outdoor Living Trends That Will Be Huge in 2021

This year's outdoor living trends are all about making your backyard, porch, or even balcony a regular part of everyday life. Building on last year's momentum, homeowners can expect to bring indoor conveniences outdoors with smart technology, m...

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