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A baby touching a table protector for babies

10 kid-friendly design tips for every home

A home should be the safest space for the little ones. Yet even the most doting parent or careful adult cannot personally prevent accidents from happening. This is where clever home design can cover the bases. Even if it's just to prevent li...

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Woman fixing an oven at home

4 Essential tools you need as a homeowner

Homeowners can save themselves on the costs of calling out workmen if they can confidently address home improvement projects, emergencies, and repairs. With a little practice, it’s relatively easy to switch out cabinet doors, fix a leaky fauc...

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Agent presenting a real estate offer to a couple

Important things to consider when choosing an offer

As a seller, it can be very exciting when you finally get a purchase offer for your home. Before choosing and accepting an offer from a prospective buyer there are several important factors that you have to take into consideration. Read mo...

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9 Ideas for the Ultimate Summer Family Night at Home

Remember when summer nights were all about the adventure you could find outdoors? Parents relaxed on the porch while kids hunted fireflies. No one cared that everything on TV was a repeat. The best entertainment was out in the yard. And maybe i...

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The Importance of House Numbers

How often do you think about the visibility of your house numbers? After all, you know where you live! However, house numbers aren't just for the convenience of the mailman and guests visiting you; they are essential for emergency responders wh...

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A modern Scandinavian condo interior

9 tricks to maximize condominium space

Condo living in a city where space is precious has become the norm rather than the exception. In addition to maximizing lot areas, their ideal locations close to city centers, business districts, leisure spots, and grocery stores spells conveni...

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