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8 Home Upgrades That Don’t Pay Off

If your goal is to boost the selling price of your home, these home improvement project won't move the needle. Here are the projects to skip. Unless your home is brand new—and you had it built to specs—you can probably think of several w...

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Close up of CCTV camera over defocused urban background

Home Security Trends Worth Looking Into

The exponential rise of work-from-home set-ups due to the pandemic has increased the need for better home security systems. More and more professionals, small business owners, and students crave for safe spaces within the home so they can focu...

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Green Velvet Couch with Pillow

Pulling Off a Maximalist Look for Your Interiors

Minimalism is out. Maximalism is in. This means bigger, bolder, busier walls, furniture, rugs, carpets, and other furnishings. White, barely decorated, subtle walls that are the marks of minimalism, are passé. Today, people long to express...

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The Best Nightlife Spots in Bethesda, MD

What better way to cap a fruitful day than by unwinding in a pleasant, relaxing nightspot? It’s your well-deserved reward for working so hard, your just desserts for conquering the stress of daily life. This is just what the nightspot...

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Big Happy Family Moving House with their dog

What to do with pets while moving?

How to move with your pets Much as humans can get stressed when moving from one place to another, one can only imagine how it can be for our furry friends. To make the transition as comfortable as possible, here are a few tips when it comes ...

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top view of a couple looking to home interior at a tablet

Easy interior design trends in 2022

Is it time to upgrade your house? Refreshing your home’s amenities is a must especially when you can’t go five steps without seeing something that bothers you. After all, your home is where you must be most comfortable. Whether you’re...

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All You Need to Know About the Trusty Tape Measure

Even if you’re not a master carpenter, you likely have a tape measure on hand. It’s one of the 12 essential tools to keep in your toolbox. I’ve had my trusty Stanley 25 ft. PowerLock Tape Measure for over a decade now, and it seems like n...

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Portrait of young couple shopping online with a credit card and a tablet from home

What to look for when shopping for your next home

You’ve set your budget and where you want to move. The next step is to find a house that’s just right for you. It’s easier said than done, however, thanks to the wide selection of homes for sale that you’ll encounter. To help you narrow...

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