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Home Security Trends Worth Looking Into

The exponential rise of work-from-home set-ups due to the pandemic has increased the need for better home security systems. More and more professionals, small business owners, and students crave for safe spaces within the home so they can focus more on what they’re doing.

Modern, effective home security systems mean more peace of mind and productivity.

Here’s what’s trending today.

  1. Voice-controlled gadgets
  2. Now that the pandemic has taught us the wonders of contact-less systems, 67 % of US households have at least one smart speaker or smart display. Voice-activated devices that follow verbal commands are now a convenience like never before. The user no longer needs a mobile phone app or tablet to use the system.

  3. Do-it-yourself (DIY) security gadgets

  4. These give homeowners flexibility in setting up their own security systems within minutes. Such professional-grade gadgets available in the market also keep homeowners from spending a lot on security systems, or devoting more-than-the-usual time on upgrades. But the rise of DIY home security gadgets doesn’t mean the days of professional installers are numbered. These experts in maintaining home security devices are as important as ever.

  5. Better network security

  6. More home gadgets heighten the need for network security as protection from hacking and information theft. Z-wave gadgets provide maximum network security by using a system that requires a heightened level of security for smart devices at home. These devices prevent hackers from accessing computer data.

  7. Product interoperability

  8. More and more consumers want security gadgets that can be incorporated with other existing smart home systems. This means smart security gadgets that work well with door locks, sensors and light switches will be more in demand.

  9. Video surveillance

  10. A powerful camera on the front door can spot home and car attacks, theft, and other untoward activities. Consumers go for surveillance systems that deliver sharp images so they can easily see their home’s surroundings.

  11. Cloud-based home security systems

  12. These allow homeowners to remotely access information and security footage at once. It can also store longer video footage. And since all data is stored in the cloud, it’s harder for hackers to gain access to the system. Neither can they erase security footage and notifications.

  13. Home automation

  14. The number of smart homes with doors that lock and unlock on their own is rising. More homeowners are also adopting automated alerts that inform them when their doors or windows are being opened.

  15. Subscription-based business models

  16. The days of long-standing contracts for products and services are numbered. Subscription-based business models allow consumers to cancel services any time they want. The flexibility and potential in safeguarding customers’ privacy make this model an increasingly popular one for 2021.

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