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A client and a realtor pointing the condos for sale in Bethesda

Important tips when closing on a condo

After finding the Bethesda condo that is perfect for you, it is time to finally close the deal. Closing on a property can take a few days up to two months, depending on the type of property, how you will finance the purchase and other factors. ...

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A view outside townhomes for sale in Bethesda

What to look for when buying a Bethesda townhome

A townhome is typically a multi-level residence with communal walls. It is like a cross between a single-family property and a condo unit. Like a condo unit, townhouse owners have home maintenance and fewer responsibilities. Moreover, it is eas...

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Inside a luxury condominium with full of lightings

Staging a condo for sale: What you need to know

One of the most challenging aspects of selling a condo is making it stand out among the many other condos for sale in Bethesda. If you want to have the edge, consider staging. With the right lighting, great décor, and other design upgrades you...

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A woman in front of a computer

What to ask during virtual home tours

The home virtual tour has always been a useful recreational and marketing tool. However, it was only during the pandemic when this became the primary means for showcasing a home, alongside online real estate listings and social media posts. ...

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Inside a bathroom of a luxury condo in Bethesda

Choosing the best bathroom vanity

If you want a bathroom that makes a statement, you can do that with the right choice of vanity. It is one of the focal points of this space and is also commonly used by every member of the household. Thus, it is only proper that it be given the...

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A man doing an inspection under the sink

Condo inspection requirements

Buying a good condominium can yield rich rewards. It’s near where the action is: offices, dining and shopping areas, public transit, recreational spots. You’re especially lucky if you get to purchase one among the many condos for sale in ...

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Tips to buying a new construction home

Tips to Buying a New Construction Home

A new construction home comes with a plethora of benefits, from brand new fixtures and appliances to more modern floor plans and designs. This type of property has become even more popular in recent years because it makes customizing the home e...

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Best ways to enjoy DC the safe and responsible way

Best Ways to Enjoy DC the Safe and Responsible Way

With the current pandemic and the accompanying city restrictions, going out to enjoy the city can become a challenge. Then again, staying cooped up at home for months at end is not recommended either – this can take a toll on one’s mental h...

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Inside a condominium with full of lightings

Lighting 101: Putting the Spotlight on Your Condo

Lighting is an important aspect of interior design – it is not just about adding a few lamps here and there. If condo owners want to properly showcase their property, they must know how lighting can elevate the value of their space.  To g...

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