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Breakfast of Champions


3 cups Lucky Charms
1 cup almond milk


1. Gently slide your finger under the top line of the box to dislodge the glue, without ripping through the box top
2. Slide the plastic bag from its container and cut, with scissors, at an angle the top 1/2 of the bag
3. Pour 3 cups of Lucky Charms into a large bowl.
4. Using freshly washed fingers, pick out each marshmallow charm.
5. Place marshmallow charms into a smaller bowl.
6. Pour in almond milk, bathing the magical charms
7. Carefully spoon milk into your mouth, avoiding the charms but drinking down the sweet milk/charm mixture
8. After 82% of the milk has been removed from the bowl, admire the beautiful color the charms have made in your bowl. 9. Place as many charms as your spoon can handle onto your spoon and shove into mouth

Repeat all 9 steps until every single charm has been removed from the box. Retrieve frosted toasted oat cereal and pour back into the carefully cut plastic bag. Place plastic bag back into Lucky Charms box. Place Lucky Charms box next to other cereals in your pantry.

“Considered a blessing in our family, this recipe has been a favorite for many generations. Not only does the first person to the box get to enjoy all the charms, but then also has the pleasure of watching the crushing disappointment of the next person (preferably a sibling or spouse) discover the lack of charms in the box. Enjoy!”
— Kathleen Cantrell