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Fourth of July 2023 Trivia Question Answers

1. Thomas Jefferson was the main author of the Declaration of Independence. There were four others on the drafting committee: Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Robert Livingston. 2. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on...

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8 Small-Front-Yard Landscaping Ideas

The best small front yard landscaping ideas will help set off your house and provide curb appeal, while also making the most of the space you have. Even some simple garden design strategies such as using symmetry and adding seating can have a b...

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How to Use Color Swatches to Pick Paint Colors

If you've ever painted a room, you've probably experienced a common mishap: A color you picked based on a swatch or paint chip looks drastically different once it's on your wall. After all, you're taking a color from a small, handheld cardstock...

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The 10 Hottest Trends in Bathroom Design

The 10 hottest trends in bathroom design range from daring to sedate, and from colorful to monochromatic. Whether your style is modern, transitional, or traditional, there is something for everyone. Personalization is driving bathroom design ch...

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All the Ways Installing Solar Can Save You Money

From tax exemptions to lower energy bills, solar installation could bring big benefits to your wallet and the environment. Rising energy costs and climate change are good reasons for homeowners to switch to solar energy. But some may be wond...

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6 Ways Home Buyers Mess Up Getting a Mortgage

Getting a mortgage is, by general consensus, the most treacherous part of buying a home. In a recent survey, 42% of home buyers said they found the mortgage experience “stressful,” and 32% found it “complicated.” Even lenders agree that...

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