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What to do with pets while moving?

How to move with your pets Much as humans can get stressed when moving from one place to another, one can only imagine how it can be for our furry friends. To make the transition as comfortable as possible, here are a few tips when it comes ...

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Easy interior design trends in 2022

Is it time to upgrade your house? Refreshing your home’s amenities is a must especially when you can’t go five steps without seeing something that bothers you. After all, your home is where you must be most comfortable. Whether you’re...

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What to look for when shopping for your next home

You’ve set your budget and where you want to move. The next step is to find a house that’s just right for you. It’s easier said than done, however, thanks to the wide selection of homes for sale that you’ll encounter. To help you narrow...

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Most expensive homes in Bethesda, MD

The pandemic is simply no match for the eagerness of those in the Maryland housing market to move forward and realize their real estate goals. Focusing on Bethesda, MD, even as home values went up by 6% compared to the previous year, over 200 h...

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Is it better to buy or rent in Washington DC?

There are countless reasons to move to Washington DC. Historic, beautifully developed, and brimming with art and culture, the capital city offers a multitude of features appealing to people from all walks of life. A robust public transportation...

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Capitol Hill Rowhouses Townhouses in DC

A Look at DC Housing Market Trends in 2021

Residential real estate was practically the only type of market that flourished in 2020, with Americans spending most of their time at home during the past year. Of course, the market went through a rough patch especially at the start of the pa...

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Relocating Guide to Bethesda, Maryland

Relocating can often be a daunting task, especially for first-timers. It’s easy to find yourself caught in a whirlwind of activity, as there are so many factors to think about, potential problems to deal with, people to coordinate with, and s...

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Home staging sells a house faster

Real estate agents and homeowners know that showcasing a house’s assets – which is what home staging does – attracts buyers and speeds up the selling process. Home staging brings out an emotional response in buyers. The National Associ...

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