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Ideas for family-friendly home renovations

Ideas for family

Home renovations are always exciting (yes, a new look and new furnishings!) and yet, fraught with issues that you may need to address and anticipate to proceed as smoothly and quickly as possible. It becomes doubly difficult when you factor in the needs of your kids, too.

What to consider in making your renovation more family-friendly

Having kids at home entails some adjustment on your part, especially when figuring out the design and materials for your renovation, as well as the types of additions you want to make to your home.

Here are some of the things a homeowner should take note of:

  • Make sure to choose materials and fabrics that are easy to clean. This will help you better deal with stains and messes, especially if you have little kids.
  • Choose durable flooring and counters. Kids tend to get pretty rough at home. Using sturdy and scratch-free materials like porcelain or ceramic tiles will let your kids keep the fun going without worrying about breaking or scratching something.
  • Avoid sharp corners on your furniture. Your kids are guaranteed to run into your furniture now and then. Soften the blow by choosing items with rounded corners, for example, or round tables instead of rectangular ones.

Best family-friendly renovation ideas

Here are a few home improvements that will give everyone in the family the room they need to thrive and bond.

  • Turn everything into storage. You’ll need plenty of room for your kids’ toys and books. This will require designated storage spaces where these items can be adequately organized and still be accessible to your kids at any given moment. At the same time, these storage options will help you teach your kids to clear up after themselves. Opt for neutral colors and materials for a neat and elegant look.
  • Create a family room. This room can be a comfortable space where your entire family can stay and relax together. Make it an area where you and your kids can do crafts and play games. And of course, don’t forget the storage!
  • Set up a separate activity area. Here’s where your kids can hang out and play quietly. It’s also the ideal spot for storing all their toys and books. Over time, this area can turn into a space where they can do homework, practice playing an instrument, or read quietly.
  • Add an outdoor area for the family. An outdoor living space can serve everyone’s needs. Your kids will have plenty of room to run around in, and you can relax and take in the fresh air while keeping an eye on them.

When planning family-friendly home renovations, always take note of the ages of your kids and remember to implement changes that can be taken out or adjusted as your kids grow up and their tastes and needs evolve.

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