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Important Condo Safety Tips to Remember

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Security is one of the biggest perks of living in a condo. But that doesn’t mean you should be complacent when it comes to home security. Indeed, of the over million cases of burglaries in the US each year, about 70% occur in residential properties.

To prevent yourself from being the victim of theft, vandalism, or violent crime in your own home, take heed of these tips:

Choose the right condo

The first and perhaps most important step is to choose a condo building that has good security. To ensure residents’ safety, high-end condos usually have a doorman who will only grant access to residents, as well as a concierge where guests must register first. Your unit should also have a buzzer ID, so you can see guests before you let them come up to your unit.

Change your locks after moving in

Being handed the key to your unit is a momentous event, but you shouldn’t plan on using that same key for long. After you move in, hire a professional locksmith and have all the locks in your condo replaced. The previous owner may have given a copy of the key to contractors, housekeepers, and relatives, which means these strangers might literally have the key to your home.

Lock up when you head out

And this means every time you go out – even if you’re just going down to the lobby to pick up a parcel. Even if your condo has good security, countless people go in and out of the building, and not all of them are residents. Likewise, make sure your windows are closed and locked when you leave your unit. It only takes one unlocked window to let a burglar into your beloved home.

Install a security system

Though many high-end units, such as Bethesda condos for sale in the Washington, DC Metro area, already come with high-tech security systems, that’s often the prerogative of the previous owner. That’s because homeowners’ associations don’t typically require residents to install such features in their homes. And while the building does have security personnel and its own surveillance cameras, they only cover common areas such as the concierge, elevators, and hallways. Your high-end condo deserves the kind of security system that will provide you peace of mind.

Get to know your neighbors

You don’t have to knock on every door to introduce yourself, but do make an effort to get to know your fellow condo dwellers. After all, the more people in the building you know, the easier it is to spot strangers in your midst. And when people know you, they’ll be more willing to keep an eye out on your unit while you’re away on vacation.

Buy a fireproof safe

There are many valuables in your condo unit, but don’t take for granted crucial documents such as your condo deed, insurance policies, passports, etc. The best place to store them isn’t in a folder at the back of your closet, but in a dedicated fireproof safe. That way, neither a burglar nor a house fire can compromise your vital paperwork.

Being proactive is at the heart of home security, and we hope the tips above give you actionable steps that you can follow.

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