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Questions to ask your real estate agent

Happy couple shaking hands with their real estate agent after closing a deal and receiving their house key

One of the most important decisions that any home buyer or seller will make is their choice of real estate agent. Take time to interview candidates, whether it’s a recommendation from your mother or the agent that lives down the street. An agent will be with you throughout the process and will be entrusted with marketing and selling your home. Therefore, you need to find someone with the knowledge and expertise to take you from listing to closing, from looking to moving in. Following are a few questions to ask real estate agents that you are considering:

What Is Your Experience?

The first question to ask should revolve around experience, since this is a key trait for any agent to possess. Real estate is a hands-on profession, and many skills are gained directly on the job. Additionally, having years of experience in the local area can be a real advantage for being able to market your home in the best manner. That said, being experienced shouldn’t be the sole metric used to decide. It is also important to ask about their qualifications, and about specific sales history. In particular, it is important to ask an agent to expand on their sales history in your local area, with properties similar to yours.

How Will You Market My Home?

One of the biggest roles that a real estate agent will have is marketing your home, getting it sold quickly, and for the highest price possible. The market can be competitive, and you need a real estate agent who is capable of following through with a clear plan. Ask them about any special marketing tools they have access too, and which specific steps they would take in order to sell your home. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a full marketing plan, but an agent should have a clear idea on how they intend to sell your home.

What References Does He/She Have?

Any good real estate agent will be happy to provide references. You can then find out more about what the agent is like to work with. Do keep in mind that you will be building a close relationship during the process, which means you should hire someone that you are likely to get on with. You can also find reviews online, and these will tell you more about specific client experiences.

What are Your Fees?

Be clear with the agent fees before signing a listing agreement. The typical commission is 5-6% of the sales transaction, and there may be room to negotiate. Although price doesn’t automatically translate into quality, you will usually need to pay above market rates when hiring the best real estate agents

Armed with the answers to these and other questions you are better prepared to list your property, buy your dream home, and comfortable in the knowledge that you and your agent are on the same page. Heller Coley Reed, consistently rated the best realtor in Bethesda MD, has the agents that have the experience, local market knowledge, and professionalism to close a sale effectively at the right price. You can always rely on the Heller Coley Reed team for all of your needs. Contact an agent today at 240.800.5155 or send an email to hellercoleyreed(at)gmail(dotted)com.